Midnight Grindhouse is the home of every bastard, tramp, bloodsucker and motherfucker who loves the films that no one else does.

Whether it’s a film that actually played in a grungy grindhouse theater — or a modern movie or TV show that captures the subversive fuck-o-rama spirit of those old exploitation films — this is the place to talk trash and gush over our favorite dark desires of cinema.

As a love letter to these films, Midnight Grindhouse made the show Blood Drive, which premiered on the Syfy network June 14th, 2017. Each episode either honors a particular sub-genre that the exploitation world made famous, or forges its own genre territory while capturing the grindhouse vibe.

Here are the bizarre movies that inspired us for season one:

Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man

Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion

Galaxy of Terror


Vanishing Point

Wake in Fright