Welcome to the Grindhouse

On the eve of the big launch, if anyone is reading this, want to say thank you to all the awesome Blood Drivers who made this shit possible.

Stay tuned for some cool behind the scenes fuckery!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Grindhouse

  1. So sad its been cancelled. Just discovered the show yesterday and binge watched the entire season, just finished. I was trying to see when the 2nd season aired and am sooo disappointed. 😦


    1. Damn was looking forward to season 2 even turned on some other viewers of not wanting to watch at first but got hooked quick ,I hope they let you do others it was very unusual and unpredictable and very blooody, awesome those fuckin haters , well any way, keep pressuring them may be even presuede them by hanging them from a chain by their feet and feed them to a CAR !!!!! Hhaaaa hgaa has a ( laughing evilly


  2. Loved roadhouse absolutely brilliant people had told me it was just a gore fest found out it was so much more shame there’s no second season some people just can’t see good tv when it’s right in front of them. When I think about some of the shit on tv today anyway thanks for the show hope to see something new soon


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