Aaaaaand … scene.

Dear Bleeders,

Unfortunately, your suspicions are correct. Syfy has canceled Blood Drive after one season.

If this news makes you angry or sad, you’re not alone.

I found out not too long ago, but have been trying to think of a way to tell you guys since I felt it was up to me to let the fans know.

Ultimately I decided to wait until after the final episode aired so the news did not taint your experience. It simply didn’t seem right to burst the bubble so early, especially with how the last episode plays out. We always planned for a season two, but now that the future of the show is uncertain the final scenes seem so much more … final.

If I never get the chance to tell my version of what comes next, I’ll be incredibly sad.

But the good news is, then you can make up your own. The story is yours now, it always was from the first moment it was broadcast. If you love it, take it and play with it in your own imagination.

The future is not set, in our world or the world of Blood Drive.

As to the reasons why the show is cancelled, I’m not privy to all the details. Obviously the ratings were low, but it was also a very noisy show on social media (thanks to you guys!) and a very well-reviewed show with critics as well.

This I do know: despite canceling us, Syfy was the only network with the steel to make the show in the first place.

When the script was making the rounds I took a LOT of meetings. Every place loved to sing its praises. One major cable network flat out told me that if they’d made the show they’d make me the showrunner, give me a larger budget, and generally suck all my parts.

But guess what? They didn’t make the show, so it was easy for them to say.

It was Syfy that took the risk, and for that I’m forever grateful, even if I did get super pissy whenever I couldn’t show enough gore and dick and titties. But I’m confident they knew it was just because I’m a pervert and didn’t take it personally.

I’m bummed that Blood Drive didn’t pay off for them the way they wanted but I can’t believe we got away with a full season of the CRAZIEST show on TV.

We owe them props for making all this insanity possible.

So what about the future of Blood Drive?

Unclear. There’s definitely no season two in the immediate future, but I remain cautiously optimistic there’s more story to tell in this world. NBC|Universal owns the show so when the time comes I’ll approach them with some ideas and we’ll see what they think.

Until then, just do what Bleeders do best, share the show with others, share the #RenewBloodDrive hashtag, and generally be awesome. And enjoy season one on its own merits even if we never see more episodes.

Everyone involved in this show was amazing, too many to list them all, but if you want to track down past and future endeavors of some shockingly talented people, just IMDB the shit out of our crew. They were given incredible creative freedom so their contributions speak directly to their talents.

I try to express my gratitude online as much as possible, but it never seems enough.

All the Bleeders that have gone nuts for this show, you were the most rewarding part of a very rewarding process.

The world of Blood Drive has been in my head for over five years, and for the past two I’ve devoted the bulk of my waking hours to making it a reality. Along the way we built one of the very best crews I’ve ever worked with, from writers’ assistant (Alex!) up to showrunner (Hlavin!).

I made lifelong friends.

I got to make a show that I love so much I actually watch episodes as a fan (don’t tell anyone it makes me sound like a douchebag).

The past two years are maybe the best of my life, creatively and personally. But none of that prepared me for how incredible it was seeing the show connect with you all on a deep level.

So thank you for watching and thank you for loving and thank you for nitpicking and thank you for tweeting and thank you for bleeding for this show.

It means so damn much to every person that already bled for it (sometimes literally).

Thank you from the bottom of Heart Enterprises.



James Roland

182 thoughts on “Aaaaaand … scene.

  1. It’s not the outcome I wanted, but I am thankful for what you and the network were able to give us. I can’t remember the last time I had a summer show that was this fun and exciting— one I waited anxiously week-to-week to see. This was an AMAZINGLY talented cast and crew, and I hope that you all go on to bigger and better things, as you are all deserving. Thank you, James. Thank you, SyFy.


  2. Thank you Mr. Roland for the most gruesomeness loving show that has ever been created for cable television. It gave me and all #Blooddrivebleeders the best damn Wednesday nights ever!!!! Wished another season could be created but Im thankful at least for this season❤ and I tip my top hat to you Mr. Roland and all the actors and actress that made this show the greatest🎩💀🚘🏁


  3. Cheers to that. Thanks so much for the wild ride you took us on!!! Forever going to be excited to hopefully see this world again and I’ve dug up some of my old stories too that could exist in this world too. Gratitude isn’t enough because this story was almost too good to exist, but I’m so glad it did. An hour a week I got to just kick back and enjoy this story unfold!


  4. Thank you for bringing us this phenomenal piece of art. We are forever grateful so don’t doubt that for a second. Maybe we don’t have the most fans, but damn were we loyal and strong.


  5. Fuk bro, amazeing creativity on this show. I was so looking forward to s2 after tonight 😦

    Seems as though we will get to live on with this 1 season only but I’ve got to say I was seriously impressed, I can’t lie I was someone kinda iffy as I watched, but it caught my interest in e2.

    I do have to say Colin Cunningham (jullian slink) was simply masterful. And to all the actors who made this show possible I applaud you all and I say, WELL DONE…. all of you made this show extremely entertaining


  6. Easily one of my favorite television shows of all-time.

    Prediction: Blood Drive ends up with a single season cult following the likes of which we haven’t seen since Firefly.


  7. Absolutely gutted it’s not being renewed 😢 It’s still showing in the uk so hopefully it will get a lot more new viewers. Or DVD and blu ray sales may make them change there minds 🤞🏻 Thank you for an incredible show 👍🏻👍🏻


  8. Seriously, they had to cancel this envelope pushing, paradigm shift of a show, just in order to get some other crap made ? These days, no progress and no development is allowed, just lame sequels of existing IPs and remakes… at least the way S1 ended – if you discard the final scene – offers enough closure despite the tragedy (?) but then again, if a s2 was to be made it could find a device to resurrect 1-2 charachters, no matter how absurd the circumstances…. although “dead” shows, usually remain dead … which is sad.

    A question then – do you think an unrated DVD/BD of the season might be made ?
    Congrats to all involved and thank you for creating a really enjoyable and bloody good, show !


  9. That sucks.. 😦

    Blood Drive was truly a show like no other, and I commend you for pushing the envelope. I was looking forward to seeing where you guys took the show for Season 2, but unless you’re able to score a coup with Netflix or Hulu, I guess we’ll never know..


      1. If my prayers for season 2 fail completely and no one else picks it up will you tell us what you might have done with season 2 don’t leave us hanging like the network did for example what happened with Arthur how did he end at Blood Rock prison for the criminally insane?


  10. I was a Bleeder from the very 1st episode I loved Grace and her love for her Late?? sister Karma ( perfect name for the bitch – and yes that was intended) But My favorite as My posting name implies is (thinks someone will pick it up )Julian Slink – a PT Barnum and Joker mix as I describe him to non Bleeders
    Please let there be a season 2 someplace –lets push syfy to reconsider


  11. I absolutely loved the show!! Grace, Karma and Ochi are beautiful and awesome! The Csmaro is a sweet car too. I am not surprised at all. SYFY screwed up with cancelling Dark Matter so the assholes will kill another great show with Blood Drive! SYFY has very little that is good to watch anymore. I had a total of 7 great shows so now I’m down to 5 and the next shit they are working on looks terrible. They have no idea of what is good anymore. Please continue Blood Drive somewhere else. Maybe Cinemax or Netflix.


  12. Thank you for sharing your vision with all of us. I can’t understand how they could cancel the show. It was groundbreaking and it was so unique. We looked forward to watching every single week. All the ideas and actors were wonderful especially Slink. Thanks for one fun and bloody good time. I hope this isn’t the end of Blood Drive. Hopefully it’s only the beginning and someone like Netflix will pick it up. I’m crushed our ride is over.


  13. How the hell can this program not get ratings is unreal I’m gob smacked by there reaction the best thought out v program in a long time funny gore bizarre antics which was class the networks are are joke


  14. I fucking loved it! More shows need the balls to not be so clean and neat for the polished crowd. Rough and ragged, down and dirty are where my people dwell. Hope syfy get a hint tht it was worth it and renew for 2


  15. So heartbroken! BloodDrive will forever be in my heart!! I hope that maybe some other network will pick it up! El Rey Network perhaps? Please continue to try…Blood Drive was a gem…a bloody, unique, fantastic gem!!


  16. Hello Mr Roland. I just want to say that my feelings toward the shows cancellation are a bit complex. WHile I am disappointed that the show was cancelled, I have to say that I am not surprised and I feel that it was likely appropriate.

    1. As you said before, Blood Drive was a show that went way beyond Syfy’s usual censorship and content boundaries. When I heard the first f-word come out without a bit of censoring, I was surprised and the same went for the first nude scene involving Thomas Dominique’s character. But make no mistake, I more than welcomed it especially since the other Syfy shows were going back and forth with them at certain points. I had a feeling from the start that the show would not have that many seasons, for certain reasons, and the content was one of them. I am glad Syfy chose to break out of the shell, but a studio can only break their own laws for so long.

    2. Another thing is that when I first saw the promo for it, I wasn’t completely sold. As far as I knew, Grindhouse was a movie only studio. I also was not that devoted a fan of the movies since they can go overboard with the gore and unique sex scenes. But when I started seeing the series, I couldn’t stop watching. There were a few moments that made me glad I ate dinner before it came on (Such as Dominique’s torture scene), but I was always eager to see what happened with the plot. I didnt like it as much as killjoys, dark matter, Haven, or The Magicians, but it was a great show to watch on Wednesdays.

    3. Despite my reservations, I am not too upset about how the show ended. Part of the reason is because the show’s plot pretty much tied up well. All the characters dies apparently and the Blood Drive was pretty much shut down. I dont see how you would’ve made another season of it. Almost everyone’s arc seemed like a one season length and they pretty much tied up appropriately.

    Arthur’s is the only one left open and that’s because he is the aspiring hero trying to bring justice to a desecrated world. With him transported to blood rock, it would seem to be just another chapter. I think it would be appropriate to make another show with Arthur as the protagonist. It could be about his travels throughout the island, with an antagonist that implies more exhibition from the Scar. I mean, we didn’t know that much about it and it could go either way whether the scar was some otherworldly realm Heart managed to exploit, or if there was something in the scar controlling the chaos. Or you could just make a movie about it.

    Even if that doesnt end up the case, I am most grateful for the fact that you didnt end the show on a cliffhanger. This annoys me to no end usually, and I couldn’t stand it when they axed shows that were interesting over ratings. It was bad enough that they did it to shows like Alphas, Aftermath, Ascension and now DARK MATTER!!! I am glad that you din’t let the story end that way and I do hope you manage to get your new idea approved.

    P.S. If there had been a season 2, would you mind sharing what your plans were with the series?


    1. Yeah in some ways it’s inevitable, right? But I’d really hoped the freshness of it would be enough to get it another season. No luck. RE: season two, we’ve already written 40 pages fleshing it out so it’s already planned! But if we never make it you should fan fic your ideas!


    2. Yeah I totally get that. From one perspective it was doomed to fail for being different, but then again sometimes that really works for a show. It’s hard to quantify what will catch fire and what won’t. We can just hope that it gets discovered by more awesome Bleeders in the future! RE: season two, we already wrote 40 pages on it and it’s INCREDIBLE, I’m still hoping we’ll get to make it!


  17. really getting sick of all these network chneels killing off all these new shows but keeping ones that are in 6-whatever season… its bullshit.. if you put a show out in winter time, give it a second chance in summer and vise verus.. assholes


  18. SyFy is shooting themselves in the foot by cancelling Blood Drive! This and Z-Nation are hands down the greatest things put forth from the company. This is the type of show that while it may not draw huge numbers from its live airing, will undoubtedly be a cult classic that gets viewed and reviewed endlessly by horror fans. I REALLY hope another company picks the show up, and even better let’s James Roland go balls to the wall on what he wants the show to be. Blood Drive is a goldmine that has only had its surface chipped away. There’s endless directions and possibilities for the series, and SyFy is losing out by cutting the cord so soon. #RenewBloodDrive


  19. Blood drive was the freshest show I have had the vet good pleasure to enjoy in years.

    It sucks that we only had it for one season and whilst many shows I have enjoyed only get one season but forever hopeful it will find another home (though I dont know the political behind this). I for sure will be buying this on blueeay/laserdisk and VHS (vhbest). That’s for the laughs my only regret was that I couldn’t get involved directly in set building or photography I bet every one had a blast..



  20. Blood drive was the freshest show I have had the vet good pleasure to enjoy in years.

    It sucks that we only had it for one season and whilst many shows I have enjoyed only get one season but forever hopeful it will find another home (though I dont know the political behind this). I for sure will be buying this on blueeay/laserdisk and VHS (vhbest). That’s for the laughs my only regret was that I couldn’t get involved directly in set building or photography I bet every one had a blast..



  21. Your baby tickle me in places I’d forgotten about. There’s something to writing balls out, sittin’ on the front porch in a blood stained bathrobe, legs wide, sayin’ “come suck this dick, see if you like it.” I’d cut off one of my balls just to see a season 2.. ok maybe not, but I’d sure think long and hard about it.
    The writing on the show was certainly spotty in places. However, considering the budget you were working with -you made an insanely entertaining series wholeheartedly unlike anything else on tv. Fuck yeah, good for you!


  22. Oh man, dude, thanks for everything you guys did. This show is my favorite thing I’ve ever watched, I’ve been pumped since facebook suggested the trailer to me all those months ago, and I have never been so in love with any character as much as I love yours. You all made such a wild and amazing ride that really brought joy to my life. I hope you all get to do awesome projects you love going forward (and of course that someone picks up season 2), and seriously just thanks. Nothing will fill the scar in my Heart, or the one in the earth. ♡


  23. Killer show, really unfortunate to see it gone already, creative, funny, smart. Hopefully netflix or Hulu, etc will give you a chance. Excellent cast aswell, sucks to see creativity die.


  24. Noooooo!!! The hubby and I love this show. We have so much fun watching it. There is nothing else out there like this. From the first episode we were hooked. I was so excited. I’m a 47 year old woman who was bouncing on the bed, clapping, and laughing because I thought it was so great. You never knew what was going to happen next or what moral line the writers were going to cross that was going to make you cringe. Every episode was a wild ride and full of great laughs. I will sure miss the gang. What great characters!! And Slink. Great actor, great character. *sigh*. Heart Broken. Hope it gets picked up elsewhere.


  25. Amazing show. The scene with Slink receiving notes for the blood drive show across conference call with execs was a fantastic piece of editing and pacing. Just show that scene to Robert Rodriquez and he’ll fall in love with it. That’s bound to get you onto El Ray.


  26. This show was amazing & we unexpectedly loved it. Thank you for your genius & we can’t wait to see what’s to come. I pray that Netflix gets some interest in Blood Drive. Very proud to see that someone pushed the envelope. #blooddrive


  27. Show was One of a kind, I’m really sad hear there’s not going be another season.

    Thanks for spending your time and energy making THE show happen in the first place – we all appreciate it.


  28. Totally sucks hat theres no season 2.. Blood drive s the BEST new show I’ve seen in a looooooong time!!!!!! May whoever cancelled he series become fuel for the blood engines!!!!!!!


  29. Thank you for a great show.

    And please, if there ever is a season 2 or a movie… Bring back Julian. He was truly the soul(lessness) of Blood Drive and one of the most memorable characters on TV in recent years.


  30. I didn’t even know about this show until last week. I’m really bummed it was cancelled. I binged watched it in two nights. Hopefully someone else will pick it up. There are still so many unanswered questions…..

    Great show!!


  31. I am a huge Blood Drive fan and was absolutely fascinated by the first season of the show. The gore, the excitement, the story, EVERYTHING! I was absolutely heartbroken to hear that SyFy would not be picking it up for a season two, but after reading through many comments from many different sources I’ve noticed one common mistake. Everyone keeps saying it sucks there isn’t a season 2 when in reality, there already is, it’s just written on paper and hasn’t been put into development. If I recall correctly, I read somewhere that you originally pitched Blood Drive to SyFy with 3 seasons in mind and even have ideas ready for up until season 6! My personal beliefs are that if someone puts that much work into something and are as dedicated to it as you were with your show Mr. Roland, that one way or another it is ment to be. Between the ratings that Blood Drive has achieved and the huge community behind it, I just know we will all hear great news about the show being continued in some form or another quite possibly as early as 2018. Best of luck to you James Roland, I hope to see more of your work in the very near future.


  32. I had always thought the show would have been a great fit on El Rey. since that network has a grindhouse theme. But I am not certain that would even be possible since Blood Drive owned by NBC|Universal. Just a thought.


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